They have stood every Tuesday for 18 years...this year will be their last.

According to WMGE13, Joann, Elaine and Carmen have been on Main Street in Freeport every single Tuesday since September 11, 2001. The day of America's worst terrorist attack...

That Tuesday changed the lives of every American...including these three women who didn't know how to give back. According to Elaine Green,

When we saw that second plane hit that we knew we were under attack.

So she got her friends Joann and Carmen, to stand on Main Street for one hour every Tuesday morning for one year.

That's all they were going to do...and then before you know it, it turned into 18 years.

Freeport Flag Ladies Facebook
Freeport Flag Ladies Facebook

They have stood through Maine weather. Rain, snow, sleet, unbearable heat and winds that will knock you over. Elaine says that nothing is worse than getting hit with a frozen flag. She even broker her shoulder and finished her hour before getting it looked at!

They have worked very hard to not be political, and just be about those who serve. They have sent packages to soldiers at war, been at airports to send them off and been back at airports to welcome them home.

They know that this September 11th will be a hard day. But Elaine is 74, Carmen is 77 and Joanne is's time.

They may not be standing for an hour every Tuesday, but they will continue their good work. They plan on working with Wreaths Across America, the Honor Flight, veterans groups, police groups for whatever they need. If it's to raise money or a family that just needs the Freeport Flag Ladies.

In all, they have stood waving flags for 963 hours for anything.

They'd love to have you join. Elaine, Joann and Carmen will be on the corner of Main and School Street Wednesday September 11th from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.


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