File this under "who did this? "This afternoon I'm sitting in the studio getting ready to crack the mic, and all I see is a giant inflatable baby Trump outside in Monument Square, Portland.

There was no rally, and there was no protest, not sure what was going on — just the giant inflatable baby Trump doll. You've seen this thing in parades and demonstrations around the country.

baby trump

It only appears as quickly as it did today, in Monument Square, out of the back of a Prius and inflated and ready to go. I couldn't find an organizer or the grey Prius owner for that matter to tell me what was going on.

I do know from the presence of the balloon you can tell who they're voting for.

This balloon made appearances in London and even as far west in the United States as San Diego and plenty of places in between. How it got here to Portland? I'm not sure, apparently, a Toyota Prius, what are your thoughts?


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