Wanna have the best New Year's ever? Bring the kids to Santa's Village!

I've done this before with the kids and I had a blast! Your ticket gets you into everything and food is included! Want hot chocolate -it's yours. A donut from the Doe Nut Factory? Bring it on. And no doubt about it I WILL be parking my behind at the Burger Meister Food Court! All included with your ticket.

Plus, we loved the lights and the fireworks that are at 9 pm! The older I get the harder it is to stay up until midnight! And kids at midnight are just simply messy.

Santa's Village has the rides, a DJ (that will NOT be playing Christmas music), Santa (who is relaxed cuz his big day is done) his reindeer are there and hundreds of lights throughout the park. Even the Grinch would love this place.

If you've been to Santa's Village - they really do it up for New Years! We are starting 2015 in Jefferson, NH! The kids are out of their mind excited!