In general, I tend to enjoy April Fool's jokes and am thoroughly thrilled that more companies have joined the fun in the past decade or so. Growing up, I never had one of those mischievous minds for advance planning, acquiring the necessary implements and executing the perfect prank, let alone videoing it for laughs later on. My pranks are always day-of, last-minute and easily forgivable, because I would hate to put myself in one of those positions where I don't have any friends come April 2nd.

1) Moldy Donuts

One time on a family vacation, my brother and I were sitting on a hotel bed eating powdered donuts my mom had grabbed from the hotel lobby for a breakfast treat when my mom said offhand, "oh, it's April Fool's Day today." Without skipping a beat, I made a sound of disgust and said, "these donuts are moldy!!" My mom instantly bought it, saying she wondered if they were old because they had been in the display yesterday and she wasn't sure they made them fresh but thought she had inspected them close enough that she would've seen anything gross. I asked her what day it was and she continued to offer that we go get breakfast elsewhere, she was so sorry (my mom is too nice to pull pranks on...) eventually, I pressed her enough to make her realize it was an April Fool's joke. We laughed it off while gobbling up the remainder of the non-moldy donuts.

2) I Cheated, So What?

I realize now that this joke was in poor taste because it could have gone much worse... but I was in college and decided to go the classic "my boyfriend dumped me" route. I called my parents crying and told them my college boyfriend had broken up with me. After their immediate comments of concern, they asked me what happened and I said, "It was completely out of the blue. I mean I only cheated on him a couple times, but like I didn't expect him to BREAK UP with me..." They paused, and my mom replied hesitantly, "oh, nooo honey.." I was already cringing from their reaction and said, "It's also April Fool's Day, which makes everything so much worse and also everything I'm telling you is a lie." They were completely relieved, though not terribly amused. I'd recommend staying away from relationships for your April Fool's jokes.

3) You're In Trouble

Obviously it took me a while to take my above advice... On this April 1st, I was home for spring break and my boyfriend at the time called me. As an April Fool's joke, my told my dad to answer in his most threatening tone and tell him he was no longer allowed to speak to me because HE KNEW WHY. If I recall correctly, my ex had not yet met my dad and therefore had no clue he was the sweetest, most loving, least controlling dad on the planet... so he fell for it hook, line and sinker. When I spoke to my boyfriend later, he said he was happy he didn't say something he regretted, thinking my dad was mad about something specific. Suffice it to say, STAY AWAY FROM RELATIONSHIPS, PEOPLE.

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