Summer is coming to Maine, eventually, so some people are shopping for coolers to keep their beverages cold while enjoying the sun. Just like these 'persons of interest,' who went shopping at the Ace Hardware on Main Street in Gorham.

Ace has a fine selection of coolers and these 'persons of interest,' are thought to have been interested in a Yeti Hopper 20 Cooler in Grey or Black. This is a top of the line cooler running you about $200.

Yeti Cooler

That might have been a little out of their price range though and that's how they became 'persons of interest' to the Gorham Police Department. It appears they may have used the grab-and-go method of paying, as in just grab it and go quickly out the door.

If you have any info on these persons of interest, contact the Gorham Police Department. We're guessing they might be at the beach.


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