For 44 years, Graziano's Casa Mia Restaurant stood at the center of the town of Libson. Seven years after going out of business, a new plan by the town will keep the memory of this iconic restaurant alive for generations.

Graziano's was a family run business opened in 1969 by Joe Graziano and become incredibly popular with its delicious Italian dishes and boxing theme. Unfortunately, expenses became too much to keep the restaurant running, despite its popularity, and Graziano's closed its doors in 2012.

The building was torn down in 2013 after it was purchased, but nothing ever materialized there and the site has remained vacant ever since. The town ended up purchasing the land and now has plans to build Graziano's Park on the site.

Google Street View

Lisbon Planning Board Chairman Karin Paradis told us that the new park will have landscaping, benches and a pavilion. Rather than a gazebo, a square pavilion will be constructed to resemble a boxing ring and will be a place for performances and other outdoor activities. The park's construction will be a community effort with many locals donating materials and labor to make it happen.

Mary Graziano Richard, the daughter of Joe Graziano, was thrilled to see the sign that the town had constructed and posted it on her Facebook page.

Mary Graziano Richard

After being a part of the family business for so many years, she has now opened Grazi to Go, a take out restaurant that serves many of the familiar Graizano's dishes that people have missed since the restaurant closed.

Lisbon has never been the same since Graziano's closed, but with Grazi to Go and Graziano Park and Square, the history will live on for many years to come.