Remember last year when Yerxa Park was overrun by that invasive plant Japanese Knotweed and the city decided to let goats devour it?

Well it happened again this year, so the city brought the goats back and it was successful once again. The plant was as tall if not taller than the goats, and it took 7 goats only about 5 days to clear the area, according to News Center Maine.

The problem with the plants taking over the park began when the city banned synthetic pesticides so they needed to find an alternative way to battle the plant.

The news station reported that city officials have said the goats have exceeded their expectations to the point where they had to expand the grazing area because the goats ate all the Knotweed quickly.

The article says the city wants residents in South Portland think about using goats like the ones from Scapegoats in Kennebunk to battle any invasive plant problem they may be having on their own property.

It's a win win, for the environment and for the goats!


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