Does this handsome fellow look familiar? He should...he had a pretty busy 2017!

What a crazy night. The Sea Dogs were going to take on the Trenton Thunder (the mini Yakees) and they had a special guest who was going to throw out the first pitch.

It's Stephon Gilmore from the New England Patriots. He played a VERY important role in getting the Patriots into the Super Bowl (let's just talk about going, not the results).

Need a refresher course? Cuz it was THE play that sealed the deal...

Meeting Stephon was great. What a sweet guy. And he didn't throw a thing, because the game was postponed until today due to a wet field.

But despite no game, there was a line wrapped around waiting to meet the guy that got us into Super Bowl LII (again, focus on getting there and not the results).

By the way...if you had tickets to Monday's game, it's tonight. It's the second game of a double header.

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