It's a big enough deal to say the vows and the "I Dos" during a wedding ceremony, but to top it off with an exit worthy of Tom Cruise in a "Mission: Impossible" movie?

Well, that's what this one brave couple chose to do after their wedding on top of Gunstock Mountain Resort in Gilford, New Hampshire.

Talk about memorable.

Gunstock Mountain Resort posted on its Facebook page in June a photo of the two lovebirds dangling high in the sky making their "epic ceremony exit in style."

Yes, if you squint a little when looking at the photo, the bride is wearing her white gown and the groom is suited up like James Bond on a getaway mission.

Look, some people want to get married in a barn. Some people want to get married on the beach. But how New England is it to get married atop a mountain and take a literal (but safe) leap of faith right after?

A big round of applause to Christine and Buck on their nuptials and having an incredible way to cap it all off.

If you just want to do the zipline at Gunstock without the added pressure of forever commitments, you can do that, too.

The company's website states you can take on a 90-minute adventure traveling along 1.6 miles of multiple ziplies all while hitting speeds up to what you might drive on the highway. We're talking 70 MPH. Fast stuff with incredible nature views.

There are also a number of other ziplining places throughout New Hampshire from Alpine Adventures in Lincoln to Cranmore Mountain in North Conway to Mount Sunapee in Newbury. has a more extensive list if you want to say "I Do" to trying any of them out.

Good luck.

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