What a night. I went from Auburn to Scarborough with Dunkin Donuts coffee, hot chocolate and munchkins...


I had this thought that it might be nice to give people coffee, hot chocolate and munchkins from Dunkin' as they wait in the long lines to go Black Friday shopping.

Well...I started with 'Oh shoot. Dunkin' might be closed on Thanksgiving night.' Many were. So I bought the coffee and got dispensers. I reheated the coffee and hot coco. All was okay.

I had my trusty wagon, cups, cream, sugar, the munchkins, the 6 boxes of Joe and coco and off to Auburn Walmart I went. I got there around 915 pm. There was a line, and lots of 'caution' tape and a smattering of people. I yelled,

Who wants some Dunkin Donuts coffee or hot chocolate and some munchkins?

The crowd went wild! I get out my wagon, my dispensers and OH CRAP! I forgot the cream. There it is...safe in my fridge.


People didn't seem to mind and were grateful for something hot! Success! I'm now off to the Walmart in Windham!

A much longer line and I stopped and got cream! Good to go! Gave out tons of coffee, hot chocolate and rationed my munchkins so I could give Scarborough some. The people in line were super happy I stopped by with the Dunkin goodies. I'm off to Walmart in Scarborough - where I had NO idea what I was getting into.

I arrived at Walmart in Scarborough around 1130 pm. I was down to a box of Joe and a box of coco. I had about 50 munchkins.

There were 4 million people in line. And all of them, SO nice. This is Abdul. He wanted to help and I was so grateful. He handed out cream and cups and was my bestest helper ever!



The line was filled with people bargain hunting and those that just wanted to have fun and an adventure! There were kids, old people...everyone. Check out the line at the Scarborough Walmart...

I was totally unprepared (although I thought I was) for the crowds. I went through 4 boxes of Joe, 4 boxes of hot chocolate and 150 munchkins. I could have gone through 10 times that!

Big thank you to Dunkin' Donuts for saying, 'That sounds fun!' and setting me up. Now that I know what I'm doing - next year is bigger and better!


SIDENOTE: Guess what? I didn't wear a bra so I could be super comfy.

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