Maine Winning Powerball Ticket

Maine became panicked with absolute excitement over the last couple of days as word spread that not only did the Powerball Jackpot not get fully hit on Saturday evening and again during last night's drawing -- sending the jackpot up to an insane $1.73 Billion for Wednesday night's drawing -- but a $2 million winning ticket was sold in Maine.

And while it may be a genius move to remain anonymous whether you win $2 million or almost $2 billion, the one piece of anonymous information that we probably all want the tea on is where that $2 million winning ticket was sold.

Thankfully, we now have the answer, and it can now be argued that it's possibly the best place in Maine to buy your ticket for tomorrow night's monumental drawing.

Google Maps / Getty Images/ThinkStock
Google Maps / Getty Images/ThinkStock

Handy Stop in Howland, Maine

According to the Maine Lottery, the $2 million winning Powerball ticket from Saturday's drawing was sold at the Handy Stop in Howland. And while it's a bit of a ride there, being north of Bangor, isn't a bit of a drive worth possibly becoming a BILLIONAIRE?

Powerball Jackpot Lump Sum

Of course, because of taxes and other fees that are taken out of lottery winnings, even though the jackpot is almost $2 billion, coining yourself a "billionaire" will be a bit of a lie, unless you already have about $300 million sitting in the bank.

According to the official Powerball website, the cash lump sum payout for Wednesday's Powerball drawing -- at the time of this writing, anyway -- is currently $756.6 million.

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Sure, with gas either just under or just over $4/gallon in some areas of Maine, a road trip for a lottery ticket may not seem like a logical idea.


If 'Lady Luck' truly still is shopping and gambling at the Handy Stop in Howland, won't $1.73 billion be worth shooting your shot? Plus, it's just about full foliage season throughout the state, sometimes you just need to shut up and enjoy the journey.

Good luck if you decide to play the Powerball tomorrow, no matter where you buy your ticket from. And remember -- Keep it Fun. Play Responsibly.

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