Two years ago, the sad news was announced that Happy Wheels on Warren Avenue in Portland would be closing their doors for good after the owners sold the building to developers. People in the greater Portland area had so many fond memories of lacing up their skates and circling the rink while the lights danced and the music boomed for over 40 years.

Derek Fitzgerald, who worked for Happy Wheels for 23 years would have none of this. He bought Happy Wheels and got approval from the city of Westbrook to build a new building there to keep the legacy of Happy Wheels going.

They broke ground on the new location in January of 2021, still on Warren Avenue but  across the city line in Westbrook and are almost ready to open.

They've been teasing what the new place will look like, and honestly, it's looking very much like the original location. So much so that they were able to get the orginial sign on the building and give it a fresh paint job.

Westbrook Mayor Michael Foley got a sneak peek at the new rink and posted a picture on his Facebook page. Look at that shiny new floor!

To say people are excited about the new Happy Wheels is an understatement. Social media has blown up as more and more of these pictures have been shared, but the wait to open won't be much longer. The brand new Happy Wheels at 3 Chabot Street, just off Warren Avenue in Westbrook will open its doors for the first skate in the new building on Saturday, August 20.

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