Feeling down and bitter about the upcoming holiday of love? Has an ex left you feeling jaded? Would you like to indulge in some petty revenge on the person who broke your heart? Do you want to do all of this while helping out Maine animals?

You can!

Humane Society Waterville Area is offering a very special and hilarious Valentine's Day opportunity. For a donation to the shelter of at least $5, they will write the name of your ex on a piece of paper and place that name in a litter box! They promise on their Facebook page to "cover your #1 ex in plenty of #2".


So, while you may be spending Sunday, February 14th alone, you can rest easy knowing that "Chad" or "Becky" is buried under piles of litter and poo and that you're helping out Maine animals looking for forever homes.

To get more information and to donate and put your ex's name in the litter, head on over to Humane Society Waterville Area's Facebook page.

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