Dunkin' has new fancy espresso machines. But I didn't know they also had a whole line of Espresso Wear...


It's so hard when you are walking down the street with your two cappuccinos from Dunkin'. Not anymore - now they have Cappu-Chinos!

But you're more of an Americano person. And you always get two of those! Then you need a pair of their Americano-Veralls.

And yes, when warmer weather hits, and you'll be sporting the tank top - be sure to have a couple of Latten-NK Tops in your closet!

Dunkin' knows you want to see what these fashion forward outfits would look like...and you would need it set to music. So please enjoy the new song you won't be able to get out of your head.


Now, if they could get me a branch out and make a 2 for 2 Wake-Up Wrap for those chilly nights, I would have a brand new wardrobe.


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