Holy crap. I was told this butter was life changing...and I was like, 'It's butter.' It IS life changing and now I can't find it....anywhere!



Having been in the county for a few trips, I was told no matter what, get Houlton Farms Creamery Butter.

I did. And it comes in a giant one pound block. I was not impressed. And then I tried it on popcorn.

IT CHANGED MY LIFE! I can't even describe to you how great this damn butter is. I had this butter last year for the first time and have been back in 'the county' at least 6 times since.

I can't find this butter anywhere! I have even taken to writing the company in desperation asking where I can find their butter (no response).

I've heard rumor that the cream used for the butter is being used for other Houlton Farms products.

Houlton Farms Dairy

The ice cream is also extremely good...but I want that butter!

Can you help me with my horrible addiction?


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