Mental health, am I right? Crying is something us humans do from time to time to release pain. Personally, I hate it and find that I am very unhealthy with my tears. I normally compartmentalize my feelings, file them away and then boom, I'll cry for a full day.

But where do I cry? That's the question. Are you a mirror crier? A private crier? Or a travelling crier? I have adopted the traveling crier mentality and find it more comforting to be somewhere I like when I cry because it seems to dry those tears quicker when I am witnessing something beautiful. Maine is beautiful and have many different spots to park up, have a good cry and then get back to your life.

Sasha Freemind via Unspalsh
Sasha Freemind via Unsplash

When I was younger, I had a special place I would go to. Luckily we lived in front of a bird sanctuary. So when I was feeling sad or emotional and wanted to be alone with my thoughts I would walk in the backyard and into Thorns Craig Bird Sanctuary in Lewiston. I would ponder about life and have a good cry. I was probably 8 years old. I was wise for my age.

Crying is good for your mental health.

According to North Start Transitions, 

Many people associate crying with feeling sad and making them feel worse, but in reality, crying can help improve your mood - emotional tears release stress hormones. Your stress level lowers when you cry, which can help you sleep better and strengthen your immune system.

So because having cries outside of my home, I thought I would compile a list of some of Maines locations in case you also feel a cry coming on and would like to take a little emo-trip.

Here are The Best Places to Have a Good Cry in Maine

Have you ever felt like you needed to just release the tears that you have shoved deep down within your toes and it's ready to come out? Well, there are a few places that I have chosen to cry at and others that I think will help you feel comforted in Maine while you cry. 

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