In a state that leads the country in the lobster economy, it's not hard to believe there are a handful of quirky sea insects that end up in our traps each year. Last summer. it seemed like every other month we heard about another 1 in 30-100 million lobster under a new exotic name.

This time, it wasn't the color that was strange - it was the number of claws the lobster had! Just out of Cundy's Harbor, off shore out of sight of land, this Maine redditor caught a three-clawed lobster. Look at the extra meat on this guy!

u/Jamal_H_Christ via Reddit
u/Jamal_H_Christ via Reddit

What's up with that giant Hulk claw?! It's not terribly rare to come across lobsters with different claw bumps, hooks and nodules, but a whole extra pair of pincers protruding from one of the claws is a pretty special find.

It's unclear whether the lobster's claw and a half is missing the rubber band because he hHulked his way out of it or the lobstermen couldn't fit it over his claw when they caught him. Regardless, this little dude tops the list of rare lobsters to come from the Maine coast so far this year!

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