I don't think anyone can claim that 2020 won't be memorable. With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting our lives, nothing is like it used to be, especially going to school.

For the first few months of 2020, everything was normal. Then when the pandemic reached Maine, school staff and students had to learn to adjust to a new way of learning from home remotely.

Now with a new school year starting, parents are proudly sharing their photos of their kids headed to their first day of the new school year. Some back to school pictures are at home for remote learning. Some kids have their masks on and ready to go. Others just aren't happy about going back at all.

I asked my Facebook friends to share their back to school photos and I got over 100. I can't share them all because that would take me weeks to put together, but here's a sampling of some of my favorites as we start a new school year unlike anything we've experienced before.

2020 Maine Back to School Pictures

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