With less than 24 hours before a potential Maine government shut down, many have wondered what state services would still be open. On Thursday, Governor LePage released a list of the services he deems will be essential and stay open during a shutdown.

These service would say open:

All correctional facilities

Psychiatric hospitals (DDPC and Riverview)

Law enforcement / First responders, including:
• State Police, Capitol Police, MDEA and Fire Marshal
• Maine Warden Service
• Marine Patrol
• Forest Protection (on-call basis)

All State Parks, including:
Maine Wildlife Park, Swan Island

Maine Revenue Services

Office of Information Technology: Limited operations to support emergency functions and protect infrastructure, with on-call support, as needed

There has been no mention of other essential services for Mainers such as general assistance (food stamps), unemployment checks or child support checks processed by DHHS. In 1991, unemployment benefits and food stamps were delayed and applying for benefits was not available until the shutdown was over.

If a shutdown occurs, it would begin at 12:01 a.m. on July 1.

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