If you saw flames shooting out of a car and someone still inside, what would you do?

Would you be the kind of person to leap into action to help regardless of the danger?

Tryston Poulin of Burnham, Maine, certainly is that heroic person and was recently awarded a life-saving achievement certificate from the Waldo County Sheriff's Office, according to the sheriff's office Facebook post.

At about midnight on August 6, 2022, a loud crash caused Poulin to run outside, where he saw a car on fire, the Facebook post stated. He not only didn't bother to put on shoes, but he ran right over to the vehicle.

Police stated that the driver was unconscious and Poulin's efforts to pull the driver out from the passenger side of the vehicle just weren't working. That didn't deter him as he switched to the driver's side and managed to get it open.

And that was a good thing, too, because after he managed to get the driver out and drag them to safety, the car became completely engulfed in flames.

Imagine if Poulin wasn't there. Things could have very well ended in tragedy.

Clearly, Poulin is a selfless hero and his quick-thinking actions saved a life. The Waldo County Sheriff's Office obviously shares that thinking.

They stated in their Facebook post:

"There is no doubt that Tryston's quick response and actions saved the driver's life that night. We applaud his willingness to take action and by doing so saving a life. Tryston can take pride in knowing the driver is living today because of him."

It's also no surprise the positive comments that were on the police Facebook post regarding Poulin:

"Chokes me up every time I read this. The selflessness and courage he showed that night were amazing."

"You’ve got another fan over here. You saved someone that means a ton to me. Thanks for being such a good dude!"

"Tremendous! Glad people like you are around us."

Keep on being the brave Maine hero that you are, Tryston Poulin.

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