Ayuh...we be damn sexy heah in Maine.


According to NewCenter Maine, online travel guide curator and publisher Big 7 Travel did a survey of 'USA's Sexiest Accents for 2019'. Mainer accent came in 4th.

It was done with a survey of its audience, about a million and a half, with votes from all over the world.

The caption read:

If you’re a real 'Mainah, you’ll drop your 'r's, go to 'yoger' class instead of yoga and add in wicked to make every adjective extra powerful.

That is true. The top 10 best accents are:

1. Texan
2. Boston
3. New York
4. Mainer
5. Chicago
6. Mississippi
7. Hawaiian
8. Philadelphia
9. St. Louis
10. California

I don't know if it's true, but just the mere fact that we even placed says a lot. I don't know how sexy any of these accents really are. I think sexy accent, I don't think Texas...I think France.

But the absolute least sexiest accent (according to this survey) was Long Island, NY. Uh...but New York City is 3rd sexiest? I'm gonna have to listen more carefully next time I'm down in the Big Apple.

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