A severe thunderstorm hit Portland yesterday causing a downburst that caused damage across the city.

According to News Center Maine Meteorologist Jessica Conley, a downburst was caused by the heavy rain and hail that forced air downwards and spread out once it hit the ground. That resulted in downed trees and utility poles, flying debris and even a sunken boat.

The storm began to roll into Portland after 5PM Tuesday.

It was brief, but the high winds caused damage all around the city including at Portland Paddle who shared pictures of downed trees, debris and a sunken boat.

More trees were down at Stevens Avenue and Walton Street.

The utility poles on the road to Mackworth Island were damaged by the high winds cutting off power to the island. CMP is hoping to have power restored sometime today.

Crazy weather! At least it's going to be a nice day for cleaning up.


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