Up until COVID-19 showed up we thought of speakeasies as being those secret trendy bars that you could only find by word of mouth.

Historically, of course, speakeasies were born out of the prohibition era so folks could gather and drink at a time where it was illegal in the United States.

Well, we're back to the '20s and so are the speakeasies. Only these ones aren't operating as a fun tribute to the days of old. With COVID-19 restrictions, nightclubs are essentially non-existent. Large groups are not allowed to gather.

While the reasons for these restrictions are vastly different from 100 years ago, history has repeated itself with a basement nightclub being shut down in Massachusetts.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Police were contacted with a noise complaint from a home in Lawrence, MA, according to WCVB last month. Upon arrival, they discovered around 100 people partying in the basement of the home that had been turned into a nightclub complete with a bar, hookahs, booze, music, and even a fog machine. See the full report here.

Here's hoping things will return to normal soon and we can go back to enjoying night clubs those beloved legal bars that pay tribute to the speakeasies of the prohibition era.

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