This 70 dollar toy is oh so hard to find 'in stock', what exactly is it?


According to the Washington Post:

The $69.99 toy, is quite simple: a glittery, dome-shaped plastic case filled with 50 surprises — four dolls, along with accessories, clothing, charms and other knick-knacks — that must be individually unwrapped. Much of the appeal of the Big Surprise is in its slow reveal. It can take hours, purchasers say, to peel away the toy’s layers and figure out exactly what’s inside. Some dolls cry, spit or “tinkle.” Others change color in cold water.

Good lord. How popular is this thing? This 'unwrapping' video has almost 8 million views. 8 MILLION!!!


I was surprised (BIG Surprise!) to hear about this thing. A friend mentioned it to me.I had never heard of it. Then I tried to get one online. Nope.

I went to a store. Nope.

Well, that makes me reallllly want one now! I will get one of these suckers! Have you heard of it? Do you want it? Are your kids asking for it? Just because I can't get it, makes me super want one!  God...I'm such a sucker.




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