I have a tiny issue. But I have simply found a way around it...I fix it!


You see, no matter where I am, if the toilet paper is rolling from UNDER and not OVER - I fix it. I did it at the hotel we stayed at and I have done it at friend's houses.

I have done it in public bathrooms, if I can figure out how to switch it and I do it whenever I see this abomination.

I truly don't know how people can deal with the toilet paper coming from UNDER the roll? It screws up the whole system of tearing and well..it's just wrong.

I was gonna do a poll, but what's the point. I know it will be 100% of people who prefer their roll over. Some will change it, others will politely put up with an under...but we all know it's wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Okay...I feel better.


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