Saturday at noon at the Portland Expo, it was the 1st annual 'Media Hot Shot Challenge'. It had all the potential to be a complete and utter embarrassment, and it wasn't...for me.


To celebrate the new renovation to the Portland Exposition Building (home of the Maine Red Claws), they had an event called, the 'Media Hot Shot Challenge'. The media was invited down to shoot hoops to raise money for their favorite charity.

Ooooo, I couldn't resist. I thought how awesome it would be when I earned the Cancer Community Center money with my amazing basketball skills. Then I remembered...I have no basketball skills.

Here is how the scoring worked:

  • Lay-up:                             1 point
  • 10 footbaseline:                3 points
  • free throw line:                  5 points
  • high school 3 pointer:        7 points
  • NBA 3 pointer                   9 points

We got :60 seconds to get as many points as possible. All we 'had' to do, was attempt a shot from the first 4 locations listed. As long as we tried at least once, we could sit there and shoot from wherever.

Here's who was there:

TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Blake Hayes (Coast 93.1), Norm Karkos (WMTW), I don't really know...could be Mark Perlman Price (Portland Sea Dogs), Jana Barnello (WGME), Teddy McKay (107.5 Frank FM former Q guy), Spose and mini Spose, Mark Curdo (WCYY) and Glenn Jordan (Portland Press Herald).

BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Ryan Deelon (Hot 104.7), Lori Voornas (Q97.9...that's me), Travis Lee (WMTW), Jess Gagne (WCSH6).

I have to say, when it was my turn, I was so nervous. My heart was beating like crazy. I made the layup (1 point), I made the 10 foot baseline (3 points), I woofed the 3 pointer and then made 3 free throws (15 points). I ended up with 19 points. Not too bad! I was pretty happy with that.

But not as happy as I was with beating Teddy McKay. That was just delightful. I also beat some other guys too...should I call them out? I don't want to be mean.

I had a lot of fun. But I think they should have a women's competition and a men's. As much as we want to be equal...we're not when it comes to media sports.

Congratulations to Glenn Jordan from the Portland Press Herald. He was ridiculous! He had like 48 points. He hit so many NBA 3 pointers, I'm pretty sure he's IN the NBA!

I felt bad, as the charity of my choice, the Cancer Community Center, didn't get a dime. So - we'll just have to collect a ton of cans this week! Help us get to our goal of 1 million bottles and cans!

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