Allan "Red" Gagnon opened Red's Eats in 1938, in Boothbay, Maine. It moved to where it is now at the intersection of Water Street and Main Street in Wiscasset in 1954. I have lived in Maine for almost 30 years - and I JUST went this weekend!

Back in May, Jeff wrote about the best lobster rolls in Maine. Red's was right up there. I had mentioned I had never been. Debbie Gagnon, one of the family owners sent a gift certificate so that I could try it! And try it I did!

Yes. I had to wait in line. It's part of the deal. No one minds the wait. It was about 45-50 minutes.

line at Red's

I went with Jen and Jen's mom Irene. We each got a lobster roll, split a large order of onion rings and one blueberry cake. I was so happy when my number was called, I took a selfie with Mary!

Getting my food from Mary!

Here's the haul! You have a choice with your lobster roll, (which has more than 1 whole lobster worth of meat in each roll!) - butter or mayo. I got butter!

the haul - lobster rolls and onion rings!

We obviously hated it. The only thing I didn't eat was the foil, and I had to really resist that!

we obviously hated it!

Just wanted to thank Debbie and everyone at Red's for making my weekend such a great  one. The lobster roll truly was amazing and those onion rings alone are worth the trip! If you haven't been to Red's....well, put it on your summer bucket list and your summer will be better!

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