That's my chair. I was nearly the only person at this amazing little beach 10 minutes from my house. It's so amazing, I almost don't want to tell you about it..

This was the view from the beach...

This little gem is called Broad Cove Reserve just off Route 88 in Cumberland. I am telling you, because it's really awesome!

There's a big ol' parking lot, then about a half a mile from the lot (you must park in the lot) is the cove. Since I had never been...I thought, well...I could use a hike. Then a shuttle came by and picked me up!! They run every hour.

I had the best time and slowly a few other people showed up...but it was pretty much mine. I was there at low tide and walked and walked and walked. And then I found this rock - that moved!


As I sat in my chair enjoying the minimal breeze on the hottest day of the year...I felt something under my foot!

This little guy wanted out of the sun, so I dug up some sand for him to bury under until the tide came in.

I loved every second of this little gem. I felt super lucky that I was able to get to some water on not only a holiday, but a reallllly hot one at that!