I spent a week in Pittsburgh for my annual trip to ReplayFX, a huge video game and pinball show. I specifically went to play in the world's largest pinball tournament, Pinburgh, where 1000 pinball players compete simultaneously to determine who is the best player in the world. Spoiler alert: It wasn't me.

After the show and tournament was over, Michele walked around Pittsburgh and grabbed some lunch. On the way back to the hotel, we walked past this building with a commemorative plaque on it.

Townsquare Media

Since I'm a bit of a history buff, I was curious what the plaque said. Usually when you see these on building something historic happened in, it's a landmark of some sort, or there's just a bit of interesting history about it. When I got close I found out that what it said we better than all of those things.

Townsquare Media


Turns out you can buy these plaques on Amazon. Now I just need to own a building I can put one on.