While in northern Maine to enjoy the great outdoors...this happened.

Stopped at a little shop for some of the 'best cakes on the lake'. Cute little store in Weston, Maine that not only sells worms, but homemade muffins too!

While shopping, I noticed a car with a bunch of turkeys hanging around it. The owners of 'Mem's' said that the turkeys are pets. They don't have the heart to eat them. They are super curious and well, got curious about this car in the parking lot.


2 turkeys on the hood, two circling the area and one...well, one in the window!


They never went completely in the car, but they came close...and I was SO surprised! I had no idea that they were such curious little buggers.


It almost looks like they are about to buy the car. Kicking the tires, checking out the front, the interior....they decided to keep looking.