I stopped at the L.L. Bean Outlet Store in North Conway and saw a new type of security tag I had never seen before. They were attached to just all the footwear in the store and anything else of value that could easily be taken without being noticed.

These tags come with a harsh warning too that "tampering may release ink and cause injury."

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My curious mind wanted to figure out how this worked. So I Googled it and found a Wikipedia entry that says that trying to break the tags off will break glass tubes inside the tag that contain ink which in theory will ruin whatever it's attached to. I suppose they help deter people from stealing, but if it goes off, the merchandise is a loss to not only the thief, but the store as well. I would think a security tag that sets an alarm off at the door if not removed would do a better job. I'm a radio DJ though and I don't work for retail loss prevention, so what do I know?

One YouTuber got a hold of one of these tags somehow and decided to see what happens if it should break. It was a challenge for him to say the least.



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