This summer is my official Summer of Seafood. I'm not typically a seafood eater. I never order it for myself but if it's served to me in a setting that I can't avoid, I eat it to be polite. Most of the time it is delicious and I never have any issues, I just never thought I would be a regular seafood eater.

Since my Summer of Seafood started, I've eaten lobster, salmon (many different ways), fried scallops, fried shrimp, fried clams, and steamers. Last night, I dove face first into a new seafood. I never thought I'd eat these in my life...But I ate two!


I've been to J's Oyster before but I'd never eaten their title dish. The raw oyster has always freaked me out. I don't even order sushi with raw fish in it (avocado cucumber rolls for life!) But last night, I decided to say yes to something I would normally turn down and tried a raw oyster.

Kylie Sters

The flavor wasn't nearly as offensive as I thought it might be. I was with an oyster slurping professional, so I knew exactly how to prepare it for the best experience. He also decided to capture my first oyster on camera for your viewing pleasure.

I'm responsible for two out of the six oysters on that plate. I'm glad I did it. Would I eat another oyster? Yes. Is it my favorite seafood so far? I think I'm a bigger fan of lobster and fried shrimp and scallops right now.


My tip for first time oyster slurpers: Go with someone who has eaten oysters before. You don't want to mess this up. Also, there's no shame in shoving a handful of potato chips into your mouth after your first one. The flavor is unique, and not offensive at all, but the ocean-y flavor accents and textures may catch you off guard.

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