I was making dinner last night and while preparing Michele's plate I took this picture thinking it was funny. The problem is, a lot of people who commented completely ignored what I thought was funny to let me know I forgot something.

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Townsquare Media

I thought I was clearly showing of the frown face that the two slices of brown bread and two hot dogs were creating. A few people caught it and one even said it looked like Mr. Bill from the old SNL skit. It was probably before your time.



More people in the comments on my Facebook page were freaking out over something completely different.

  • "Wheres the beans ?"
  • "Beans, beans......"
  • "The brown bread goes with beans. Haven't had that in a long time."
  • "Beans , you’re missing the fun part of the meal"
  • "No beans???"
  • "Blasphemy Jeffrey! I thought you knew better ....where are your beans?"

It's not about the beans!!!!!

Yes, of course we had beans, but come on! This is a sad face! Put beans on it and it's a gross, acne filled sad face. Is this what it feels like when a comedian tells a joke on stage and it bombs?

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