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One of the best things about living in Cumberland County is the architecture of the good old New England homes. One of the worst things about living in Cumberland County the property values and the rent. This Victorian mansion here on Western prom looks fabulous, and I regret not being able to afford the over $1,005,000 price tag so that I could live here and possibly raise a family. I digress let's look at the interior of this beautiful little home overlooking the Fore River.

The view of the pool from the house as well as the river absolutely stunning and would be great for a late-night swim.

The foyer is very well lit with the natural light great design, even when the house was built.

The sitting room reminds me of my grandmother's house growing up. There was always a room where they were chairs, and it was called the sitting room, but ironically no one ever sat there, and I remember asking myself how does this make sense?

I love what they've done with the kitchen; they added modern appliances without taking away from the older home's charm. Look at how easily they found a way to hide the dishwasher, most places that I've been to in Portland for some reason don't have dishwasher the plumbing can't handle it or something. I will say though I love this kitchen space, and I would die to cook a meal here.

This master bath, which has been remodeled with the glass shower and casing, is absolutely to die for. Another way they took modern chic, and they mixed it with the house's older charm. Can you imagine yourself showering here after a long day even being encased in that glass seems relaxing, also check out the Victorian style claw tub isn't it amazing?

So this master bedroom, the paint job in here was enough to get me dizzy, but it's very creative and round would you sleep in the room like this let me know.

So there's a lot more to the house, and I'm not going to show it all to you because this is not an endorsement I just wanted to show you an impressive home in Cumberland County that I thought you would enjoy so I've got the links below tell me what you think of the house would you live here do you think it's incredible or what and also if you're looking to talk to the realtor the link and his contact is below thanks!

For More Information:
John Hatcher
Keller Williams
(207) 775-2121

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