Iona MacGowan

Iona MacGowan is originally from Scotland and now lives with her significant other in Boston. Her TikTok chronicles her adventures in the often strange and interesting world of New England as she’s been here for about a year and a half now. Recently she tried Dunkin’ for the first time.

And even more recently she ventured north to Portland, Maine.

Searching for a Man…No, Not Like That

Iona explains in her recent video that she was in Portland for her Bachelorette Party, or as they call them in Scotland, “Hen Party”.

She starts off by saying how blown away she was that Portlanders were so friendly. A common statement shared by tourists who are used to living in places where you’re so often ignored. Around these parts, people will look you in the eye and ask how your day is, and they genuinely mean it.

One of her stops included what appears to be some sort of Asian restaurant. Her party was seated next to two men who were kind and they carried on friendly conversation. When she went to pay her bill the server explained that the gentleman that sat next to her ended up picking up her tab and wished her all the best. A truly selfless gesture. Iona was blown away and hopes to be able to pass along the same for another one day.

She’s also hoping to find out who this man is. Perhaps for a proper “thank you” or to pay for his next meal. Either way, do you know who this friendly fellow is? If so, message Iona on TikTok or Instagram!

This is such a wonderful reminder to be kind to others, and that you never know what a small gesture might mean to someone. Welcome to New England, Iona, and please, come to Portland again soon! Best of luck!

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