Do ever have someone in your house who puts back an empty cereal box or empty milk container? It's annoying right? Well I think I found something even more annoying when I went to grab the eggs in the fridge.

Broken Eggs

On the outside, I could see white shells in all the openings of the egg carton. On the inside though, only four were complete eggs. The rest where shells put back in the carton after they had been cracked and used.

In fairness, this wasn't my girlfriend Michele's doing, it was her daughter, but she learned it from mom and Michele from her mother. This is not normal right?

I can understand if you're going to crack eggs and you put the shells back temporarily. It's a good place for them to go until you can dispose of them, but do NOT close up the carton and put them back in the fridge. That's WRONG!

Who's with me?

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