So...the great microwave experiment has the Eagles winning...twice.


I don't understand. Back in 2015 when the Pats beat the Seahawks, our microwave not only blew up but also predicted that the Pats would win.

Lesson learned!

  1. Don't use the microwave from the office
  2. Don't do the experiment in the studio (it stunk for days!)
  3. Do this again, it's awesome

So. I got a microwave from Webber and Heidi in Windham. They were not only kind enough to donate their microwave, but Webber even through in a few nips for some morning fun!

I set it up outside and then used a selfie stick to get away from the EXPLOSION!

The rule going in was that the first egg that explodes loses the Super Bowl. The Pats egg cracked open - and the Eagles egg sorta just hard boiled.

SUPER DISAPPOINTING! Where' the explosion? Where's the puff of smoke? Where's the dangerous radiation? Nothing. So, the only logical thing to do, was to do it again - with the microwave from the office! Plus, predicted the Eagles - something HAD to have gone wrong!


Oh oh. Twice the Pats egg 'exploded' first. What the what?

The only thing I can think is that it's going to be a close game and in the end we win. Right?

If this actually predicts that the Eagles win...I'm throwing away both microwaves and never eating eggs again.



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