When I first glanced at this picture in my feed, I thought it was a picture of a man with a perfect little pumpkin. Then, I thought it was an optical illusion with the tomato sitting much closer to the camera and the man sitting farther back. Astonishingly, it's neither! Kristin Adams posted this picture to the Maine Classifieds facebook page for her grandfather whom she calls Papaw, because he isn't on facebook but wanted to share his pride and joy!

The monster tomato weighs in at 2 pounds 4 ounces, which may not measure up to the Guinness Book of Records' largest tomato at a whoopping 8+ pounds, but it's sure an impressive specimen for a casual gardener, and dare I say looks much more appetizing than the current world record holder. Thank God Papaw requested Kristin share his tomato beast online despite his "not being a facebook person at all" so we could revel in its grandeur. Well grown, Papaw! Keep up the good gardening!

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