A listener said that you can DEFINITELY taste the difference between a Chiquita banana and other brands. Okay...I did my banana homework!


Finding a banana that is NOT a Chiquita is not that easy. But Wal-Mart did have some brand I had never heard of.


Fyffes? Whatever...it's NOT Chiquita.

So, I blindfolded myself, had Lou feed me some banana (stop it!).

As hard as I tried to get the same sized and ripened banana, you can tell that the Fyffe on is gigantic.

At first try, the girth gave it away. I knew which banana I was eating without even trying. So, at second wack, we cut it up and here are my results:

Chiquita: sweeter

Fyffe: tastes like a banana


I didn't see a huge difference, but they were slightly different. So there you have it. A professional banana taste test that probably won't stop you from buying whatever banana is on sale where you shop for other food.





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