Holy crap! It's gonna get cold....real cold!



According to the Portland Press Herald, there is an Arctic front on the way and it's gonna get a little messy and super cold!


We gotta get through some messy weather along the coast and some snow inland. Not a lot, just enough Monday night into Tuesday to screw everything up.

Your Tuesday commute should be swear producing. Yes, you will be swearing on your way to work. Either because you are slipping or the dum dum in front of you is. Again, along the shore, we've got a mix heading our way.

Then as you head home Tuesday, your headache may continue with some more freezing precipitation. In fact, areas that were dry Tuesday morning, may be slippery Tuesday night...ya know, around 5 pm.

Then here it comes, the cold air pours in!! Lows will be in the teens and 20's. Yes. Teens...they aren't just trouble at home come Tuesday and Wednesday!



Highs for Wednesday the 13th (oh boy, an unlucky number) will have a hard time hitting 30! That's about 20 degrees below normal. Keep the sweaters handy, but you may be able to put them down on Friday as we get back to normal.