A 75-year-old man was put on blast by his neighbors after he was accused of cheating on his wife who was in the hospital.

The man, dubbed a "serial cheater," was shamed with graffiti on his garage door following the alleged indiscretions, reported Daily Star.

A photo was posted on Reddit showing the damning words covering the garage on the front of his house.

"Home of a 75-year-old man who is a serial cheater while his wife is away for medical reasons," the graffiti read. "Cheater lives here, pathological liar."

"The neighborhood drama has been messy lately," the original poster captioned the snap.

u/meganmakingart via Reddit
u/meganmakingart via Reddit

Users were shocked by the message, with many in disbelief that the man was cheating on his wife at his age.

"75 and still chasing it was my first thought, 2nd thought was imagining his 72-year-old wife outside with a step ladder and spray paint," one person wrote, while another commented: "I love how detailed the story is. Even took the time to spray 'pathological' instead of 'fu--ing liar' etc. Some true passion and hurt here."

"Impressed with the space management. I'd have to write this out on a piece of paper first to get the font size right to ensure that kind of coverage. It'd start with 'HOME OF A' taking up 3/4 of the door, then the rest in ant sized letters to fit in," another person said, while a fourth stated: "If I were to guess, maybe a son or daughter upset their dad has been cheating on mom for years who has been dealing with chronic illnesses for a long time."

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