According to a press release from the Maine Department of Public Safety's Shannon Moss, a man from Leeds has been charged in connection with the killing of a man who has been missing for nearly a year.

The press release explains that the family of 34-year-old Alex Jackson of Windham reported him missing last spring.  Family members say the last time they had any contact with him was on May 12, 2023, and that it is unlike him to disappear for lengthy periods of time.

Over the last ten months, investigators from the Maine State Police, Windham Police Department, Lewiston Police Department, Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office, and the New Hampshire State Police have worked leads in order to determine Jackson's whereabouts.

Following this lengthy investigation, police were granted an arrest warrant for a man from Leeds.

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On Friday, March 29, 30-year-old Joseph Chute was arrested and charged with Jackson's murder.  Following his arrest, he was taken to the Androscoggin County Jail, where he is being held without bail.

The press release explains that Chute will make his first appearance in court on Monday, April 1, 2024.

*NOTE: All suspects are considered innocent until they are found guilty in a court of law.

Jackson's body still has not been located.

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