Afrotaste Restaurant and Lounge had brought a fresh vibe to 134 Main Street when it opened last May. The city was excited for its rare blend of African flavor and East African food.

However, it was reported, according to the Sun Journal, that the excitement will be short-lived, because Afrotaste announced their impending closure online.

Bernard Katende manages the restaurant, and Gael Karomba is its owner.

The space they had was the former Pedro O’Hara’s, and now, that location will once again be empty after Sunday.

Many businesses in and around this area have been forced to close recently, and it's not what us Lewiston residents want to see happen to our "booming" downtown area.

In a message posted on Tuesday morning, the team at Afrotaste expressed their gratitude for the experiences and love from patrons, but said that multiple factors impacted the decision to close.

However, they do remain optimistic about the future, and even hint at plans to reopen somewhere else during the summer.

Details about the possible reopening, like when and where, haven't been released.

The spot offered not just lunch and dinner, but also a fun music and dance club at night, which added to its allure and uniqueness.

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