Get ready for the next insect invasion. Well, not officially, but the buzz is around, and I am going to get in front of it for you. What are we discussing today? Springtails.

If you're anything like me, you always want to be prepared and ready for what creepy crawly creature may try to invade your home, and springtails are what's currently trending in Maine.

I have seen photos of these bugs online, and they look like literal jumping piles of dirt. Yes, they jump.

What are springtails?

These bugs start to emerge early spring, and since we've had a few really nice days, we are already starting to see them in droves.

Imagine a tiny bug that's like the Houdini of the insect world. They've also been described as looking like "piles of soot," according to 

They are harmless to animals and people.

These little bugs are like the ninja acrobats. They are so tiny, they make ants look like giants. At first they looked like fleas, because fleas jump. But they are not, because they cannot fly.

According to, springtails like to hang out in wet places, and you can find them in damp leaves, moss, loose soil, and under tree bark. You'll see a lot of them in moist soil, especially in woodland areas. So if you have a garden or spots that are filled with moisture in or near your home, you may find the springtails jumping around.

Springtails aren't just an outdoor problem, either. They love damp, dark spots where mold grows, like basements, behind appliances, and under sinks. If there's a water leak, they might show up there too, according to Viking Pest Control. 

They even do their own stunts. Check out this crazy video I found on YouTube. 

According to University of Minnesota, springtails come in different colors like dark brown, grey, or black, and are usually long and small (but some are round and chubby).

These bugs are super tiny, only about 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch long, with very short antennas.

But here's the thing: while they may be similar in size to fleas, they're built differently. Fleas are hard to squash, but springtails are not. So if you find one, just give it a gentle squish, and it's game over for the springtail!

If you want to get rid of them, Viking Pest Control says to spray with oxygenated bleach. But if you don't want to use chemicals, you can spray them directly with cider vinegar.

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