The Pine Tree State, back in 2015, joined the ranks of several other states in the nation and became a 'constitutional carry' state. This means that a Maine resident, who isn't prohibited from owning a firearm, may carry one concealed with or without a concealed carry permit.

However, the group of gun control bills the Maine legislature is currently reviewing does not impact the constitutional carry statute... at least not yet.

According to WABI, the bills that are currently under review would make it more difficult, or at least time-consuming, for Mainers to obtain lawfully purchased firearms.

A group of legislators, as well as anti and pro-gun advocates alike, met last week to review the group of bills.

Contained within these bills is a proposed 72-hour waiting period for all firearm purchases, the news station reported.

Currently, at least in Maine, a person who is lawfully allowed to purchase a firearm will fill out an FBI background check form, and once it is approved, the person may take possession of the gun, according to WABI.

That could soon be changing.

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Additionally, certain legislators and advocates are aiming to shut down what they call the "gun show loophole," according to WABI.

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WMTW stated that Kathy McFadden, an advocate for the historically anti-gun group, Moms Demand Action, said during a meeting with legislators:

”We know a suicidal crisis can be averted by putting a little time and distance into it to give people time for to get help, to reach out to friends, family. And it’s not an infringement.”

Laura Parker, president of Gun Owners of Maine, had a different take on this issue saying in part, per WMTW:

“When it comes specifically to women’s rights, if you have a woman who is going out and purchasing a firearm, because they feel that they need it to defend themselves, 72 hours could be the difference between life and death for that woman."

When it comes to gun laws, the Giffords Law Center recently gave Maine a letter grade of F, according to WGME. You can view that gun law report here.

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