Now that recreational cannabis is legal in the state of Maine, you can't drive anywhere without seeing a pot shop, am I right? Between the number of Dollar Generals and pot shops going up, you should always have access to some Devil's Lettuce and $1 Pringles no matter where you travel in Maine.

However, all joking aside, it looks like there may be a looming problem with Maine's large crop of medical cannabis.

According to WGME 13, it's quite possible that nearly HALF of all the medical marijuana in Maine could contain pesticides and/or mold... yes, mold.

Maine's medical cannabis industry, which brought in more than $300 million in revenue last year, doesn't have the same testing requirements that the recreational pot does. In fact, it's not even required that medical cannabis is tested by the state at all, WGME reported. Recreational cannabis on the other hand, does have to follow certain testing requirements.

Even with all of that, it still doesn't stop the state from running tests on medical cannabis anyway. And, a couple of recently published studies show a concerning trend with Maine's medical cannabis.


The news station is reporting that the Maine Office of Cannabis Policy recently tested 127 samples of Maine's medical marijuana. What they found is that 45% of the tested samples had at least one banned substance or material, including mold and pesticides.

WGME also cited an even larger study that was performed in Maine by Nova Analytics Lab. That laboratory tested a whopping 1,400 samples of Maine's medical cannabis and found that 21% of those samples would not have passed the recreational standards test.

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