The Purple Palace is a well-known breakfast spot at 1 Railroad Ave in York Beach, Maine. It is currently up for sale following a family legal dispute. The dispute occurred between its longtime owner, Sandra Wilson, and her grandson Jared Rosenfield, according to News Break.

The entirely purple building has been on the market since January. The price tag? A whopping $895,000, according to News Break.

Sandra has owned the business since 1976 and was involved in a lawsuit with her grandson. Jared claimed that Sandra backed out of selling him the business and building.

In November, the trial that was scheduled to take place was paused. After this, Jared and Sandra reached a settlement in December. Jared said that his legal action wasn't just against his grandmother, but was instead about asserting his rights.

According to the article, Jared stated, "I didn't just sue my grandma. I got a lawyer to stand up for myself."

What he wanted was to run the Purple Palace and later pass it down to his son.

For 48 years, Sandra operated the business and promoted its specials of sausage, two eggs, home fries, and toast for $3.95. Recently, a 'for sale' sign appeared on the building, sparking a lot of talk on Facebook.

The article states that the relationship between Sandra and Jared deteriorated after they reached an agreement back on May 16, 2022. Jared claims they had a written agreement for him to pay Sandra $450,000 over 15 years, while Sandra's attorney stated she agreed to sell the business to Jared for $40,000.

But Jared had alleged Sandra began preparing to sell the building in 2022, with a real estate agent taking pictures in July, which he described as the start of malicious actions.

Then Sandra accused Jared of missing payments. When the case was scheduled for trial last summer, Jared and his attorney didn't want to make any comment, while Sandra said she thought the building would be sold.

A settlement was reached in December, but details remain undisclosed.

Jared moved on to focus on his family in York, and is working in Portland.

So now this building is on the market after 41 years. Who wants it?

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