As a resident of Lewiston, I've noticed from chatting with neighbors and checking online that there appears to be a regrettable increase in home break-ins in our lovely city.

The increase in online chatter reflects the growing unease within our city about the safety of our homes and neighborhoods.

Other Lewiston residents are sharing their experiences on the Lewiston Rocks Facebook page, expressing concerns about the security of their homes, and seeking opinions on if others are having the same experiences.

Cassandra Brown of Lewiston recently posted the following,

Hello Everyone. Our family lives off ash street, last night this man was attempting to walk in our locked front door, (7:20 p.m) looking into our cars and rummaging on the porch through an ash tray. We confronted him and he took off quickly. He left behind (from another residence.) a Dremel tool and full box of honey bunches of oats. Stay vigilant all.
She attached the following photos of what her security camera caught. This took place in the early evening and she told me her children were home. She added that if the door had been unlocked, this man would have walked right into here home.
Cassandra Brown via Facebook
Cassandra Brown via Facebook

This is really concerning. I've also heard about car break-ins happening in the Lewiston/Auburn area.

Let's all remember to lock our doors and activate our security cameras to stay vigilant and keep ourselves safe.

Have you also had problems with break-ins in the city of Lewiston, Maine? Let us know! 

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