I'm not always a fan of drugs to cure everything, but...

I have this debate with my wife fairly often. I'm getting to that age, where a lot of things could be treated with medication, or I could make some lifestyle changes that make take care of the issues. I'm usually of the mindset that if I can fix it on my own, why wouldn't I do that?

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On the other hand, ticks ruin so many aspects of my life in certain times of the year, that I'd consider any number of medicinal options to to combat the little jerks. My dog gets all the tick bennies... He gets a Lyme vaccine every year, and I give him delicious treats once a month that also combat the tick invasion. So why can't people have the same luxury?

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Sometimes a medicinal cure isn't the worst idea...

A warning sign "Ticks" in the woods undergrowth

Ticks are something that Mainers have had to put up with more and more, all the time. It seems over the last decade or two, they've all but become a year-round pest. If there's no snow on the ground, and the temp gets above 30 degrees, it seems at least possible that you'll see a tick. I've pulled so many off my dog just this spring, I've lost count.


But again, luckily there are a lot of preventives in place for my dog. But sadly, not as many for you and me. That may change soon, though. According to Wired.com, there's a human trial finishing its 2nd stage right now, that surrounds a pill that humans will be able to take that will kill ticks, not unlike many animals take right now.


When will it come to market?

It's still quite a ways out from anything like that, but Tarsus Pharmaceuticals of California has been putting the new drug through human testing, with fantastic results. It could turn into a situation where people could take a pill once a month, that would basically kill ticks as they bite you.

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Will this be a cure for Lyme Disease? Certainly not by itself. But, in trials the drug has been seen as potentially killing 90% of the ticks that get on you. This would be part of the war against ticks, but not a be all, end all. So while it's probably still a long way away, it's promising that we'll be able to kill a ton of ticks...

But remember, Lyme Disease isn't the only thing to be worried  about with ticks...

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