There are plenty of accolades that cities across America are after. To be the most beautiful, most visited, best educated, and beyond. And while most cities throughout the country strive to be the best at something, many end up falling short.

Lawnstarter recently put together a list that paints a handful of New England cities in an unflattering light. They released their annual list of the dirtiest cities in America, much to the dismay of city leaders everywhere, including those of five cities in northeast.

Dumpsters being full with garbage container trash on ecology and environment

Lawnstarter bases their findings on a list of key factors, including pollution levels within city limits, living conditions of residents, infrastructure and deterioration, and overall consumer satisfaction when visiting the city.

Here's the New England cities that were featured on the list among 150 places nationwide.

#114: Boston, Massachusetts

Overall Score: 28.55
Pollution Rank: 127
Living Conditions Rank: 26
Infrastructure Rank: 108
Consumer Satisfaction Rank: 108
Faneuil Hall, Boston
David Parsons
Hard to disagree with the notion that Boston has a few cleanliness issues. Boston's pure pollution rank was one of the worst on the list. If you've driven in Boston, you know that infrastructure is an issue unlikely to ever be solved in the city. Living conditions saved the city from a worse ranking.

#90: Worcester, Massachusetts

Overall Score: 32.08
Pollution Rank: 64
Living Conditions Rank: 101
Infrastructure Rank: 88
Consumer Satisfaction Rank: 126
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA Skyline.

Once a prominent manufacturing city, Worcester has reinvented itself as the hub of central Massachusetts. Worcester received solid marks for low pollution, but the city continues to have an issue with living conditions. Not only that, people who live and visit Worcester gave it one of the worst customer satisfaction ratings on the list.


#79: Springfield, Massachusetts

Overall Score: 33.32
Pollution Rank: 61
Living Conditions Rank: 94
Infrastructure Rank: 114
Consumer Satisfaction Rank: 104
Based on some of the rankings Springfield got, you'd almost expect them to be higher on the list than number 79. But similar to Worcester, Springfield has kept overall pollution low, which was a boost. The city continues to struggle with infrastructure and living conditions, leading to additional filth.


#69: Providence, Rhode Island

Overall Score: 34.44
Pollution Rank: 57
Living Conditions Rank: 119
Infrastructure Rank: 85
Consumer Satisfaction Rank: 43
At first glance, Providence seems to have solid rankings overall. But the city has struggled for decades with housing and living conditions in that housing.  That can include mold, rats, and cockroaches, as well as apartments that are overcrowded. Providence received the worst ranking for living conditions for any major city in New England.

#37: Bridgeport, Connecticut

Overall Score: 39.98
Pollution Rank: 21
Living Conditions Rank: 85
Infrastructure Rank: 137
Consumer Satisfaction Rank: 52
Black Rock Harbor Light House in Bridgeport, Connecticut. No longer in use.

One major problem continues to plague Bridgeport, and it's pretty obvious what it is based on the list. Lawnstarter determines infrastructure to mean a number of different things, from how much waste each resident produces on average to how many residents regularly recycle and how strict a city or state's waste regulations are. Clearly, Bridgeport isn't doing enough, since they were nearly dead last on infrastructure.

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